Just bought another incubator!


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Nov 11, 2008
Trenton, FL

So this makes 3.
I am going to use this one exclusively as my hatcher though as I like to stagger my hatches and it has been a real PITA with what I have. I got another 1588 off of ebay. They emailed me a 10% off coupon for paypal so I got it for $117 including shipping.

I am pretty sure that I have my Brinsea sold so this will more than make up for it. Just waiting for the ducks to hatch out of it now. Then it can go to its new happy home
Happy to answer that!
It doesn't hold enough!

I also think the fan blows to strong and dries out my eggs to fast when they are zipping no matter the humidity. I don't hatch in it at all anymore because of this. I have had much better luck with my hova-bator 1588 believe it or not. I don't like to sell it but it helps to pay for the addiction. I can only fit 18 duck eggs in it. I did think about keeping it as an overflow incubator, but I don't think I will. I don't have the cradle for it so I have to hand turn everything in it or lean it but then it shifts my hygrometer all around. I do like that I can put the bottom in the dishwasher after my hatches (without dishes of course).
Ok that makes sense
I was distruat there for a min, I would give my left arm for brinesea, seeing that one on sale for 99 bucks is killing me but its my sons birthday on the 11th and I cant spend any money on my addiction till after.
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Congratulations! I just got a 1588 off craigslist for $50. I have already bleached it and scrubbed it out and have plugged it in and am waiting for it to stabilize before transferring my goose eggs into it. I hear they like circulated air... anything for the geeses... I got a dozen eggs just to up my odds of hatching one, now i have faint hopes I may do well with more than a few hatching... Wish me luck..
Ack! What a steal! I got my 1st incubator about 4 years ago at a local auction - a hovabator still air WITH the turner for $10! Hatched my 1st eggs out of it and it worked great, didn't even have to replace the wafer in it. I just gave it to Bloominbeauty (Barbara) on here when her incubator/fridge fried her last batch of eggs. It was just collecting dust in the shed so she is going to put it back to work

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