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    Apr 4, 2010
    Hello fellow chicken poeple,
    I was wondering if hens can have spurs? I obtained 24 chicks last year and get about 10 eggs a day. Some or I should say most have spurs and really only want two roosters and the rest hens. For sure two are roosters as they crow and are far bigger than the others. The missus and I have been doing this for about three years now and just recently started selling the surplus eggs to friends and family. I would like to keep the two roosters and get rid of any other cocks but don't know how to tell the difference. If I ask four poeple I get four different answers so I figure I'll ask here and the majority of ways to tell will win thank-you all who reply.

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    Hens can have rudimentary spur buds. Best to take a good photo of those in question and post it on here.
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    Hens can have small spurs too. If they are the same age, and the hens are old enough to lay, you shouldnt have any problem telling the roos from the hens based on feathering. Roos have pointy feathers on their hackles and saddles (neck and back near the tail).

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