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Jun 5, 2010
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Is there a free coop and run construction/design that is South East Idaho Friendly, has material list and step by step directions with every cut that needs to be done along with alternatives...such as, I have some old windows from a camper to use instead of making my own, or buying new and I have an old exterior door to use instead of building my own...

I have no idea what to do and my girls are not liking the 'temp' coop that was made.

Thank you all for your time and wisdom sharing!!

It would also be good if this was wallet friendly...or darn near free... I know, wishful thinking!
You should consider purchasing "chicken coops for Dummies". It not only goes over many of the considerations, but walks you through the process of building step by step.
or check with your library for a copy
Why do I always forget about that great service!! The library has all sorts of things available and I never think to look there...THANKS!!!
it was fresh in my mind cause I am going there tonight to check and see if MY library has a copy... will buy it if i Have to - but cheaper to just pay 10 cents a page and copy the pages I really need

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