just common sense and listening to your birds!

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    May 22, 2011
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    I was.just on another thread and decided to start this one. Please feel free to fire off. I love byc and will always be a member. But i wish i would have seen a thread like this one when i was new. I always hear the same question. How much space do i need per bird? What kind of roost? Etc..... I have to say that common sense goes a looooooooong way. I have a small 6x9 coop that i keep about 50 birds in. That's right 50! Why would i do that? Because i have 25 acres that they get free run of. I also open the door before day light. They all get along fine too. I clean my coop once a week with a spray hose. I built 6 nesting boxes but my girls use 2. Listening to your birds will get you further. Mine tell me all the time to change this or that. If you live in a cold climate, get a breed that can handle it better. Chickens do not need heaters. I have a friend that lives in Maine that does not provide heat. Something they do need is ventilation ventilation ventilation! If it stinks in their coop,its not healthy for them. With the predator issue. You know where you live! Everything loves chickens and their eggs! So keep em safe! Other than that, don't worry so much. Chickens are tuff. Just being a member of byc says you love em!
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    Yeah, they pretty much take care of themselves. I think for a lot of us we do it "our" way and think that's how it has to be done. There's obviously some extreme things you don't want to do but there's a whole lot of room in the middle.
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    Wow, I'm amazed all your chickens fit in your coop! For sure they don't need a heater :)
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    Thank you for the common sense approach. Chickens have survived for centuries... I am listening to our chicks and will adjust as needed as they grow in their brooder. They will be outside in the coop as soon as possible, and they will be fine. Living in the high desert there are weather issues here, along with fires.
    As for predators, I think our worst is going to be our own dogs. I will have to keep the chickens inside their "run" when not free ranging. We also have a pony that I am sure would love to pick up a chicken and toss it. I think I over think sometimes and make something out of nothing, I am going to make an effort not to worry and enjoy the process! Too many hours lurking on BYC!

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