Just curious about the odd social interaction between two chicks...


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
Hi everyone,

I was just watching my two-week old chicks, and something so bizarre just happened, and I wanted to see if anyone had this happen with their chicks, or if someone has an explanation to offer.

Just out of nowhere, prompted by nothing obvious, one of my buff brahma bantams started cheeping really loud - not in the normal way that she usually cheeps, but sort of like she was trying to announce something, or calling out for someone that was missing. The other chicks seemed to freeze in place when she did this. Then suddenly my frizzle chick charges over to the brahma and starts pecking at her, like she was attacking her. It was very brief and over very quickly. The attack seemed to be prompted by the weird cheeping., so when the brahma stopped her cheeping, everything went back to normal between the chicks. But then almost immediately the brahma started in on her cheeping again, and the frizzle started aggressively pecking her again. This happened three times when I was watching them. No one got hurt, but it was sort of annoying to watch the frizzle peck at another chick.

So what do you guys think is going on? I'm just curious as to the seemingly complicated social structure of these chicks! I was thinking it may somehow be tied to the formation of the pecking order or something. I'm so new at this, so I am probably totally off base. Any thoughts?

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