just curious. (call ducks)

Well the National Call Breeders list 36 on their posters and I expect there might be a few that they couldn't get pictures of. there was no information about what is rarest, so you go figure. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
I would guess GOOD quality Buffs or Khakis might be the hardest to come by in the US.
Good ones in my opinion, Yes.. But they are out there... We dont see many here in CA....

I dont even know what color I would consider most rare. I would probably say good Buffs or Chocolates... Buffs being first as I have never seen good ones but have seen some good chocolates before.
And odds are, you won't for quite a while. They're really popular in the UK, but here, not yet.
If you find any, I'd love to know where you found them!
I had a pair of each and lost them to predators! The ginger hen was excellent quality too. The lady I got them from must not breed anymore. I've tried contacting her twice via email and have had no response.

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