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  1. Okay my son got a C Rom incubator for his B day so we got 3 duck eggs to put into it. Well one egg went bad early on so we were down to two. Today it automatically stopped turn the eggs and I noticed a crack in an egg. They are his babies so I ask him to check his eggs and see what is going on. Hoping for a pip but got zip... Sadly a dead little duck very pretty nicely formed but he had died sometime during the pip process and was days early. This incubator is all auto just add water and it does the rest. What would cause a perfect looking ducky to be doa? We have 2 days left on the count down and hoping for a healthy life hatch of the next duck. He was upset and said waited a whole month , well almost a whole month to get a dead duck. I felt bad.
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    awwww, how sad !!!!!! [​IMG]

    Sometimes things just happen for unknown reasons, I have never hatched duck eggs before so dont know too much about them, were your temps and hum right ???
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    aww. I am so sorry. [​IMG] that his last egg hatches and he gets a healthy duckling!
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    Very rarily does one get 100% hatch on duck eggs, good luck with the last egg. Next time try chicken eggs, he should have better luck.
  5. 0% hatch my son is upset and really does not want to hatch anything now. We have a huge incubator and this C-rom just thought with it doing every thing it would be better. Sad but maybe he'll decide to try ducks again.

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