Just Ducky - Hello from Maryland!


5 Years
Jul 8, 2014
Anne Arundel County, MD
I am a Momma to a beautiful pair of Rouen's, 6 weeks old, Quackers and Daisy (formerly Susan B Anthony & Betsy Ross) and a darling little Pekin that I saved from the flea market from a bird trader :/ Have had "Lucky Duck" or Lucille, for about 3 weeks. She is getting so big! (We will clarify if we have a Lucille in the coming weeks)

I just purchased my first incubator. A Little Giant 9200, and have converted it to forced air with a CPU fan :) and am now waiting the arrival of 6 Ancona hatching eggs from NC. VERY EXCITED! I have been watching the incubator for two days now. I think we will be all ready once they get here and have time to settle down.

We are currently working on moving out of the urban population to the country by Summer 2015 to begin our Prato Fangoso Farm. AKA Muddy Lawn Farm in Italian :)

Look forward to talking with you all!!!!!

Peace, love, Quacks :)

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