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    Recently we went to see what happens at a chicken show and the thing that really surprised me was that I did not see a single rhode island red or standard leghorn. It was really interesting to see all the different varieties , silkes, sumatras, wyandottes, tons of bantams, Really interesting and beautiful birds to be sure. I was blown away by the quality of the feathers and the size of the birds too. I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened had I entered my little hatchery rhode island red into the competition as a standard apa breed, could I have cleaned up and come home with a breed champion simply on entry? I actually hope not but I was thinking about getting some simple good stock and entering to see what happens. I was also touched by the wonderful people showing and how eager they were to encourage me to invest in good quality but not hand me a card as if to make me buy from them. There was a genuine willingness to encourage others to join the fun. Surprisingly the next day we randomly discovered a cat show and did not find the same encouragement from the competitors although some of the judges were really great at explaining what they were looking for in the catagory. The chicken judges were roped off so it was not possible to ask questions and learn. Of course my daughter fell in love with a 22 pound maine coon cat which made my cocker spaniel look like a miniture in comparison. I observed that chicken people are much more enthusiastic perhaps also the reason why we encourage each other to practice chicken math!!! It was really interesting to see both the shows. So how does one find show quality chicken stock? Definately not on the aisle at the grocery store~ pardon the pun
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    hehehe, good joke :D The best way to find good stock is right here, on the internet! BYC is a great place to start, but you can also google the breed you're searching for and come up with lots of wonderful breeders. Also you could try Feathersite and also check out the breed clubs.

    Hatchery stock would likely get DQ'd out of the show faster than you could bat an eye. Not to mention all of those "really nice people" you met would get real catty behind your back real fast for bringing hatchery stock. LOL. Just like in every breed, there are some very competitive people out there, and some real mean ones too.

    Now if you were to find some REALLY great show quality heritage stock, I'm sure the judges would appreciate it. You do see a lot more of the fancy breeds at shows. Everyone likes something different. :) Having had hatchery stock, I would guess you kind of have an idea what you'd like in SQ stock? Just remember, SQ and hatchery can be totally different. A lot of the time, hatchery stock RIR's are production reds or crossed with them, have are much more of a rusty red than the beautiful dark, dark blood red birds they're supposed to be. SQ birds are also going to cost more than hatchery stock, and you're likely going to have to buy eggs or pairs in the fall to get any, most breeders don't sell day old chicks.

    That's all I can think of for now. If you decide to go for SQ stock, good luck! The show ring can be tough! :)
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    I've found that if you find a breed you want, and find it at a show talk to the owner and ask, most of us don't carry cards or openly sell, but if asked its a different story. I breed and show mostly Booted, a very old and rare breed of Bantam. When asked I will talk your head off if you let me, most of us do, you don't need to be shy around chicken lovers. But most will appreciate you waiting to chat till after judging.
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