Just finished my flock! Here's the official name list...

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    Mar 22, 2013
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    My Farm is named...."The Funny Farm"

    Drumstick (Rooster)
    Chicken Patty
    Hop (has a broken leg and hops everywhere)
    Batman (kid named before I could explain it's a hen...name stuck).
    Louise (duck)
    Lucille (duck)

    1. Egg Drop
    2. Chicken Nugget
    3. Chick Magnet
    4. Peep Show
    5. Peeping Tomasita
    6. Fryer
    7. Chicken Dumpling
    8. Lee’s Chicken
    9. Buffalo Wing
    10. Colonel Sanders (rooster)
    11. Barbie Que
    12. Chicken Pot Pie
    13. Chicken Marsala
    14. Chicken Alfredo (rooster)
    15. General Tso (rooster)
    16. Teriyaki
    17. Scramble
    18. Fried
    19. Chicken Noodle
    20. Kung Pao

    1. Duck Duck Goose (DDG) (duck)
    2. Thelma (duck) to go with Louise
    3. Howard (drake)
    4. La'Orange (duck)
    5. Wild Wing (duck...same kid who named Batman did this...Anaheim ducks Hockey Team mascot)

    Found a lot of these names here! Thank you for the great names...will have a lot of fun with these!

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