Just for fun Chick Identification-- 10 different chicks!


7 Years
Mar 28, 2012

We believe Chick#1 to be a Blue Andalusian... ?

Chick#2-- no clue

Chick#3-- not sure either, very nice mascara eyes though :)

Chick#4--Legs are (you can see a toe) kinda yellow-y... I have a simliar colored chick, but the other one's beak is entirely black and it has black legs... This one has a lighter colored beak at the tip and yellow-yish legs)... No clue...

Chick#5-- Silver Laced Wyandotte by chance?

Chick#6-- I intentionally orderd a Dominique Rooster-- I am guessing this one is probably it.

Chick#7-- Unknown also

Chick#8-- Fat fluffy gal! LOL she's hilarious looking!

Chick#9-- Probably my favorite chick-- VERY DARK black fuzz, dark legs, black beak... I can't WAIT to figure out what this one is!

Chick#10-- this one has been botherig me! Really don't know what it is... Don't think it's a RIR, it's very dark rusty colored, and does not have the two bars down the back that I have read about, only the 1 bar on the back and on the head.
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#10 is probably a Rhode Island Red (My kuz has some).
I know that #6 is not a Barred Rock, it's a Dominique roo... Special ordered...

But Silver Spangled Hamburg huh? Wouldn't have guessed... :\ I don't know anything about that breed...

And I'm definately not going to be disappointed at the EE's, nice cold hardy and good layers of colorful eggs! Love! :)
Number 9 looks to be your Dominique rooster.

Does it have a white dot or a splash of white on top of its head? If so it is. Looks exactly like my little Doms in the brooder!
#9 came in the second box which the Dominique roo was not ordered. Could be a dommie hen... Since they came as rainbow layers... The one I believe is my Dom roo does have a splash of offwhite on his head... #9 does not have a single speck of white on her head.

I do not want any more RIR's so if thsoe are RIR's they're getting sold... :\ lol

I don't think McMurray has Quail d'Anver's... Very nice birds (I just googled) but don't think that's possible...

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