Just found 4 dumped kittens out in my yard!


8 Years
May 22, 2011
some people are just plain scum of the earth!! i was outside with my mom and i thought i heard something that sounded like a baby kitten crying at first i thought it was a baby bird so i went looking and darn if there wasnt 2 of them and then i walked around and found 2 more! my mom walked across the street and found the box that said kittens on it they dont even look a week old i can feel their ribs and they have gunk on their eyes.im taking them to the humane no kill shelter in the morning so they can get medical treatment and proper care and food i gave them some of my cats food and some milk hoping that will fill them up for tonight

Update:Sadly the humane no kill shelter could not take them they are full up and they said i could take them to the sister shelter but they would kill them and i told her no thats what i dont want so she gave me some info and so im going to keep them for 2 months and they have a program i can get all 4 kittens fixed for $50 and then they will put them up on the petfinder sites to be adopted and we asked our next door neighbor if his kids wanted a kitten in 2 months and hes thinking about it and if he does then my mom said i can MAYBE keep the other two and i bathed them in warm water with johnsons baby shampoo 2 times and then rinsed them in warm water they are so flea ridden right now all over them and they told me i cant put flea treatment on them for 6 weeks and they are maybe just 1 week old now i may not have a choice if i cant find even flea powder for them that young and i bought some goats milk and baby kitten milk replacer and a bottle im hoping this fattens them up nicely to combat those fleas
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if u have any evaporated milk, warm it up (lukewarm NOT hot). to keep them warm for the night put them somewhere with out drafts and fill multiple jars/bottles with steaming hot water. then wrap the bottles in cloths and put them in the bx with the kittens. (Trust me, in the past 2 years i have raised 3 abandoned kittens from ages 1 wweek to ages 3 weeks when i first got them. The above tips work well)

Some people.... we found a older cat hit by a car (not too bad, just bruised and scuffed, she had been hit a before abandoned) with worms, dead skinny, missing hair.... anyway we nursed her back to health and shes now a loving member of the family
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Be very very careful about giving very young kittens straight evaporated milk. And never give them adult cat food unless they are near weaning age. I have bottle raised lots of kittens over the years, but the last batch I got nearly all died (and one did) before I could get them stabilized from the diarhea they got from being given wet cat food at too young an age. Baby kitties can do well on kitten milk replacer which even our local grocery store carries.

I hate people who dump animals like that. My first bottle kitty came out of a dumpster in 103 degree weather. Who does something like that? The last ones, I responded to an ad in our local classifieds asking for help with kittens whos mother was picked off by a coyote. The guy lived out very remote and asked me to meet him closer in so I wouldn't have to drive so far. I showed up and guess what, a whole box of diarhea covered kittens by the side of the road. No guy in site. At least he made sure he was dumping them on someone who knew something about taking care of orphaned kittens, but still, I was coming to help him, not get 4 half dead kittens dumped on me.
Know how you feel, just had a momma cat and 3 kittens dumped day before yesterday. Last year some idiot dumped 2 kittens and a puppy, we kept them. We can't keep them all.
Sadly, unless they get the mother cat spayed, the idiots will continue dumping off poor kittens on unsuspecting folks once or twice a year...and many people won't be as kind as you've been. What are the odds that they will "fix" the mother cat??
Very frustrating!!

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