Just found dead chicken in coop, Worried about rest of flock.

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    I just found my black silkie dead in the middle of the coop. I have 10 other chickens (now 9 hens and a rooster) and want to know what I should look for? She has no visible wounds at all. I still have her, and wondered if there is anything I should be looking for that I might have missed. I was out of town, and my neighbor (who is great taking care of my chickens) mentioned that she had been sitting in one place for a while yesterday. Last night she was sitting out in the run, so I checked her, and put her inside the coop. This morning she was eating and driniking, as she did yeterday even when she must have been lethargic. I went to pick up my car from the shop this afternoon and went out to the coop to find her dead.She is about 2 1/2 years old I think, could be almost 3 years. Thanks for the help.
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    I would watch for signs of illness in the rest of the flock. If they look healthy, then it was most likely something internal -- maybe a heart or liver problem, maybe a problem with her reproductive system, etc. If you feel up to opening her up, you might be able to see a clue - or you might not. In many states, you can have a necropsy done at a vet college for free or a minimal charge, but often you need to plan this ahead as they will want the body in a particular condition and length of time.

    This link is in the sticky for the Emergencies forum:

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    I'd have a necropsy done. if you're in the States, and your State charges too much, try other States. For example, I was told that VA is expensive, I know MD has a small fee for out of state birds and CA is free for CA backyard flocks.
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    If you still have her body and you want to send her off for a necropsy, put her in the refrigerator, not the freezer. Then you need to find a box, line it with styrofoam (I use the 4'x8'x1" stuff from Home Depot, but you can use anything, I guess... you can also get smaller pieces at an art store like Michael's, but is way more expensive). Click here to see foam options. You'll also need at least one ice pack. Here are some pictures that I took of the last bird that I sent:

    Box lined with foam on four sides and bottom. Seams of foam taped sealed.

    Box, sides, bottom and and top.

    Frozen ice pack in ziplock baggie.

    Brown paper on top of ice pack.

    Hen in ziplock baggie on top of brown paper.

    Brown paper on top of hen.

    Ice pack on top of brown paper.

    Lid on top of brown paper.
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    [​IMG]this should be a sticky somewhere.
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    Great post, casportpony (You should make an article, it's good info to know). If the bird died without any symptoms, do send in for a necropsy.

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