just found out my hen was a rooster,,are these eggs fertile????

newbee chick01

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8 Years
Dec 14, 2011
hi there everyone.i`ve recently found out with help from you experts:Dmy hen was actually a rooster,,,yes im new to chickens lol.so now i`m wondering if my hens eggs are fertile??? heres a pictu
re of one..what do you think????
also id just like to ask is it normal 2 see 2 white dots??? im not sure how clear the last pic is but it had a small white dot on left and larger dot on the right(in the last pic) ?????
lol i think your right uncle tommy..i took them few pics at breakfast 2day.2 morrow at breakfast ill take a few more and on a dark solid coloured plate:D
i recently found out 1 of my hens was actually a roo,,,so i was wondering if my eggs were fertile???ive looked at a few posts and pics on blast spots or disks but as im new im still un-sure.. heres a few pics,,, can any1 help??????

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