Just got back from another trip to the ER


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When you have 7 kids, it becomes a common occurance.

DS#4... son of Mahonri on BYC decided to cut of the tip of his right index finger (he's left handed)

4 hours and 6 sutures later it's but back on but it was pretty gross. I hope it heals and doesn't require further surgery.

And I'm booked solid tomorrow... praying I can get some sleep.
I hope he's going to be okay?! It never ends with kids, does it? Having a large family like you do, I know what you're going through. Hope you can get some sleep, and things calm down.
I hear you Mahonri, my four daughters seem to constantly keep us in the ER as well, so it's not limited to sons! I hope you can at least get enough sleep to make it through your day. It's not like you can phone your job in, unfortunately!
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Oh boy do I ever know that feeling, my middle son once jumped up and got his finger caught on a nail and took the finger half off,..it's so distressing, and the emergency room rarely makes you feel better about the whole lot.
Wishing him a speedy recovery...

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