Just got our first two roosters!


Apr 17, 2016
We recently brought home two really nice looking roosters, they are supposed to be Icelandic. I only wanted one but we had to take both or none so we took them both. Now I have to decide if we need to cull one or can keep both peacefully. They are brothers and were raised together in a big flock with other roosters. My flock has 12 hens, but 7 of those are still pullets, well really chicks still(only 6 weeks old). I've read about how many roosters per hens and all that. So I feel like unless they are just super stellar roosters having only 6 mature hens for them to share until the other 7 mature might be asking for trouble. Thoughts? Also will a rooster attack the chicks, they currently live with the flock?

I have the boys separate from my girls while I get to know them and to see if anything is wrong with them. Just wanted to share, we are excited to have our first roosters around here and see where it leads! I'll post some pictures later tonight when I get a chance to take them.
I, personally, would not keep two roosters with that few girls..
I would think they would get to tearing them up pretty quickly.
I would never trust them around chicks.

See how they do..keep a close eye on them.
How old are they? If they aren't mature themselves, 1-2 years of age they could be trouble for a while. I would wait and watch to see how they go with the hens before I make a decision. Some roosters are fine with chicks, others will go after them. All roosters are different.
I was told they are a year old which seems right given how the look. yeah I've heard immature roosters tend to be buttheads.
I recommend letting both with the hens for a bit so you can judge their behavior, than removing one and seeing how they are as an individual with the hens before making your final decision. Sometimes their personality changes when they are the sole rooster. You don't want to cull one, only to find out that the other one is worse.
That is a good suggestion to see how they do as the sole rooster before culling, we will for sure do that. We are fine culling one if need be so that's no big deal although it would be nice to keep both.
But I won't subject my hens to being over mated or ruffed up, so if we need to cull one we will. And if they both turn out to be horrible we will cull both and try again with a new rooster.
Do you think they would crow more because the stress from changing locations? Or because they are by themselves instead of with a flock? Just curious if they crow more under certain circumstances. Cause legit the one rooster that is crowing out of the two I got he has been crowing every few minutes since 5am, lol. And while it doesn't bother me I do wonder if my neighbors mind. At least he doesn't have a super obnoxious sounding crow. lol
They could be attempting to locate their original flock, or perhaps set up a new territory. I would think it would slow down as they adjust to the new home and flock.

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