Just got the bejeebers scared out of me


Cows, Chooks & Impys - OH MY!
14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
So I'm standing front of the microwave, waiting on my lean cuisine supper to get cooked
and I'm in lala-land, like I've been the past few days.
just letting my mind wander.
I come back to reality and my eyes focus on the window behind the microwave. There's two BIG eyes staring back at me.
A cat! Apparently we have a visitor. He's big, he's beautiful and he's hungry.

Well he was hungry. Nobody's gonna tell DH he got fed right?
That's how I get all my cats. Up to 7 now. Just took the neighbor's in for surgery. Guess who's not getting their cat back.

Imp- and "NO" He's none the wiser.
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What kinda cats do you have? My male cat won't let any other cats around our house. Now, your feeding another cat, Oh and I know it won't go away. Good Luck!
The siamese and our ex barn cat are both in the house full-time. Both females, both spayed. DH doesn't care for cats, but someone forgot to tell the cats. They share his lap as he sits in his recliner at night.
We had a bobcat hybrid outside that I was feeding last year, but sadly he disappeared.

Our nearest neighbor is a 1/4 mile away and I don't think this is one of hers. No telling where he came from.
If he wants to show up each evening, he'll get a meal. As long as he doesn't make a nuisance of himself, DH won't mind. With Kitty in the house full-time (she's a chicken killer, all 2 1/2 lbs. of her), we could use another barn cat.
Something similar happened here....last night we hear something on the porch, but a quick check and both of the cats are in for the night (when they should be OUT)....it was a big, FAT, POSSUM...taking his sweet, FAT time finishing off the rest of the cat food!!!
Back in the summer, a large male cat showed up and just keeps lurking around. Always waiting for meals. Whenever anyone started outdoors, he'd bolt for the far corner of the yard and lurk. Lately he's become comfortable enough that he's moved up onto the deck under the bench. Since it appears that he plans to stay, whether he trusts us or not, I've named him Hobo and started trying to coax him closer. He needs a visit with the vet if he's really gonna belong here.
Last night I took the pup out to potty and something ran across the yard real quick, so of course the puppy was after it until I called him off.
It wasn't a possum, it wasn't a rabbit, it wasn't a armadillo. For the life of me I couldn't recall what other small wild creatures we have around here - the lala thing again.
Came in and asked DH. He reminded me of the one I forgot. A skunk. Glad I called the puppy off!
Well, I just checked. Our visitor has eaten all the evidence of my feeding him. Good boy!

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