Just had my 1st egg hatch, now what?


7 Years
Jun 23, 2012
I have a took in 3 rescue bantams this winter, they were so sick I kept them in the house in a flight bird cage. Well they are all healthy now and were ready for there first outside coop before moving in with my main group. Well the birchen cochin bantam decided to go broody. Rather than try to break it an have her stop eating (they were finally at a healthy weight) I gave her a fertilized egg (from my EE hen & seabright bantam roo) to sit on and be happy. She would come out to eat and drink and I figured when her time was up she would snap out of it. To my surprise she actually hatched it ( sometime within the past 2 hours)......
So far I divided the mom & baby from my other 2 bantam hens with a cage divider, moved the water close to the box and took out her layer food and put medicated chick started in a feeder just outside the box (The nesting box has no front lip on it). Normally I would have prepared way ahead but never thought on the first time (for both of us) it would have hatched.
Thankyou for any advise
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I have been reading what I can find some posts say to add a heat lamp? The temp in the house is 65 at night and 68-70 during the day, should I add a heat lamp? This is so amazing I just want to make sure I give the mom (Poe) what she needs to do her thing properly.

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