Just had our first loss...


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Upstate New York
Went out to check on our free-ranging girls and found myself a Buff Orpington short at the count. Across the lawn, there was a massive trail of blond feathers leading into the forest. We knew this was a honeymoon period, we knew it was just a matter of time before the predators found us, and we knew we have red fox in the area. It was such a lovely honeymoon while it lasted, but the rules have abruptly changed.

And she just sang her first egg song last Friday.

RIP, Angelina. I was looking forward to your eggs...
Poor baby. And poor you.
Sorry for your loss. Set those traps 24/7.Need a extra large one for those daytime predators.
I am so sorry for your loss
man it hurts when you raise them up & loose them . I lost 7 just 3 days ago .
Will be sending good thoughts to you.
You are all so kind. My chickens are not really pets for me, per se, but also more than livestock. I am sad not so much because I lost a chicken; I knew that was the price of admission. I am sad because I know their free-ranging life as we have known it is over, and I have enjoyed it as much as they have. I have had such joy from watching them cavort, and sleep under the pick-up truck.
I'm so sorry about your hen!! I lost my rooster, Mick 2 weeks ago today.
That ended my honeymoon period too, now it's all about trying to keep them safe, but yet let them free range like I wanted to. I have turned into a LGD myself! darn predators!

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