Just in case instructions for the after effects of a contagious bird


12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
Ok so skipping all the details I have 3 new birds who potentially are sick. It might have been the heat or lack of water before I got them, not sure. Ok so started out making odd sounds and jerking their heads a bit when they drank. Now its sneezing, still jerking the heads a little bit ( it seemed to stop and then come back), and now nasal discharge. The poop has also gone runny on me. Again might be the heat, or stress of a new home but i am preparing for the worst and hoping to be suprised.

If this gets worse and we have to cull what do we do for clean up. I assume I bury the birds somewhere away from the coop. They are in a brand new portable coop. I would hate to junk it. What do I wash with. Bleach water? What do I put on the area their portable coop is on. It is not inside the coop but still stuff can spread too easy. Should I be doing more clean up around the coop just in case?

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