Just in case she has a egg?


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May 13, 2014
So my hen was VERY sick with what seemed to be a horrid bacterial infection in her gut. AFter a lot of hard work and reserch I got her through it with antibiotics fungal cream, force feeding. She would only eat squash cucumber and quinoia the first couple days. She has started free roaming the yard and pecking about since yesterday a lot more. Her crop was the most full Ive felt in days. But no eggs for almost 2 weeks or so. I read that is very normal after severe illness.

So Im wondering can I take a human Calcium Vitamin D 3 pill crush it and sprinkle thison her goodies and such? I noticed she hardly left any poo in her cage last night. Its 600 mg calcium , 400 iu D3. Any help appreciated
well her diet hasnt been regular at all since she was sick. She almost died. I hand force fed her for about 4 dqys, then finally she got interested in squash and cucumbers. Each day I added new things that are safe and she she likes squash, cucumbers, dried oats, cooked quinioa and tomoto. I felt like her flock threw her out the day I found her sick. Her belly feathers had been plucked. She has finally been well enough to want to wonder the yard the last few days, but wont go behind the house into the tree line with the others. Ive see 2 of them go after her. She stays infront and in my garage where Ive been caring for her. She seemed to fill her crop in the grass the last couple days. But just HATES her regular crumbles food since its what I force fed her moist when she wasnt eating. So If and when she can make a egg, Im worried she wont have enough of her good calcium to lay. She Doesnt squat anymore when I walk up on her. I read they squat when they are egg bearing. All the others do...But mostly just want to keep good vitamins in her. Each day she seems a little better...just trying to get her back on her feed!

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