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Nov 17, 2016
He was a little exciting, the first internet killer.
It's been ongoing here for years now.
One of his young victims had an infant daughter. He gave the infant along with phoney adoption paperwork to his brother and his wife. They were unaware of anything going on and thought he arranged a legal legit adoption.
They raised her and no one knew anything until his arrest. They were searching for the infant or knowledge of what happened to her when his brother came forward with his worries and concerns regarding the now teen girl.
She was DNA tested against her mothers family and found to be the missing baby.
The family wanted her back in their family and lives. She had only known and loved her adopted parents and found out all the truth as the rest of us did through the media.
Her bio family went to court to bring her back but they were strangers to her so she didn't want to go. It was finally settled and she remained where she was but relocated and changed her name. She was said to have started a relationship with her bio family and was putting her life back together the best she could.
Very heartbreaking for that child and all the other family members lives that sick @$$ ruined.


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Aug 17, 2018
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She could lose about 2lbs. 🤣

Believe it or not, that's just her anatomy. She has the typical flap that comes with being altered, but she's very deep chested.
I’m a bit unfamiliar with cat anatomy as an adult sorry....maybe something to do with 2 kiddos having to have surgery for cat scratch fever
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