just moved 15 of my chickens in to EL COOP!!!!!!


8 Years
Sep 18, 2011
<---------------------------- That pic is outdated. Said chickens have quintupled in size.
new pic soon.

hey byc, sorry i havent been on for a while, but with christmas and trips to god knows where ive found it hard to keep up with my posting duties as my chickens spawn less questions because of my experience with the first batch.

Anyways, a nice woman at our local feed store used to live on a farm. Her husband is a builder, and i signed a contract for the building of a new chicken coop!

It has a nice shed-look and a wide open animal-proof run outside. Not done digging run, but toasty and warm coop currently houses 15 of my 24-flock of chickens (remaining 9 are bantams* and the are just too tiny to go in)

They grow wicked fast. It seems that last week I picked them up from the mail!!! (it was 6 weeks ago

Expect my presence to come more often as I enter the world of ACF (adult chicken farming)

Please comment with any tips you may have as I started chickening (If you could call it that) in September (first hatch, 20% rate)

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Somehow, I don't see any pics?????? I so want a new coop, one of those really huge breeder sheds to be exact. With runs. covered runs. Running water and auto waterers. Oh, dreams. Show us some pics!

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