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    Mar 8, 2014
    I have purchased a coop I am new to chickens in Las Vegas, I grew up with them in my younger years but not in Las Vegas ok so her is my info. My husband is a prepper basically if anything happeneds he wants to be ready so we purchased a coop waiting to figure out where to buy the best chickens for our situation. But I am confused with the Las Vegas law they say we can have them but we have to write a undisclosed letter to all house with in 350 ft. I am not understanding the procedure on how to legally do it. I have children and I don't want to get chickens (2) and then have then taken away or us have to give them away so I want to follow the rules . Do I really need this letter if so how should I write it up and how can I follow this rule verbatim ? Any info will help thank you

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    Apr 25, 2011
    Nor cal
    I used to live in Nor Cal suburbia, and we just bought 6 hens w/o looking up laws or asking neighbors. We gave them eggs to keep them happy.

    But LA is pretty compact, and maybe livestock laws are enforced more b/c of the type of people living in LA will report it.

    Here, read this. At the bottom are a few links that could maybe help out.


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