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13 Years
Feb 2, 2011
Hi my chicken friends! Err, I mean, keepers of chickens who could be friends?

A local breeder we got our some of our birds from agreed to sell us a Mottled Chocolate Orpington Pullet he was going to keep. We don't have that color, so of course we jumped on it!
I also asked Clifford, our big floofy Black Mottled Orp cockerel, and he said "Glu Gu Glook!"
So, you know, clearly the decisions been made.
Just one more. For Clifford 😉

On quarantine: We have plans to close our flock, next year get NPIP certified, and in the somewhat distant future sell hatching eggs. Not in any hurry because we want to do it right.
We have juvies growing and hens lazing everywhere we can stuff chickens until our infrastructure catches up with chicken math (note: they're not actually stuffed; Clifford & Friends coop is 10x10).
So, my only option for quarantining the new pullet is on our porch where we raised the chicks. But I feel so bad to have her there alone. The breeder doesn't have any more available.
Since Clifford and friends came from the same farm (he was already two weeks old), Can we get away with just sticking his new girlfriend in his flock so she's not lonely? What would you do in the same situation?
Even with your rooster's ok, adding a single bird is the most difficult one to do. EVERYONE knows she does not belong.

I would add a single bird to her, a middle of the pecking order bird. Probably a dust up, but it is one on one, and should settle. This bird can also be the canary bird. If she does not get sick, or if the new bird does not get sick... well you will be good to go. If disease breaks out, you have not exposed your whole flock.

After I get the pair going, all looks good, I would add another pair, then add the foursome back to the flock. Spreads out the pecking, the whole pecking order is disturbed and reshuffled.

Mrs K

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