Just ordered some Cornish Rocks...anything I should know?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by 4H kids and mom, Apr 7, 2007.

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    Mar 10, 2007
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    Well, we (as a family) decided we just couldnt bare to eat any of the chickens we're raising now. We're just too attached, and they're just too pretty to cull. [​IMG] So...since we still wanted some chickens in our freezer, I choose to just order some Jumbo Cornish Rocks with some of our hatchery 'free order' we have comin'. I ordered 10, and they're throwing in 5 RIR pullets, 2 Black Sex Link pullets, and a few 'mystery' chicks that their daughter had around. The Cornish will be day olds, and the other chicks are around the same age as my flock of 5 weekers now. They are express over-nighting them on next Friday so I'll get them Saturday. They didnt charge me anything for the older pullets, just for the Cornish. Now, here's my questions:

    1) Will these NEW babies get along alright with my current babies since they'll all be about the same age? I understand the pecking order thing, but I'm talking about any MAJOR problems.

    2) I understand I'm supposed to feed the broilers a different feed. If I intend them to use the same coop, how do I accomplish this? Seems I will have to keep them permenantly seperated?

    3) I also hear that you have to take up the feed with broilers or they'll eat until they die. When do I start this, and how long should they be without feed? Is there a schedule or something?

    4) How long until they are "freezer ready"?

    5) Anything else we should know about mixing a flock, and raising meat birds?

    Thanks guys!
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    Mar 28, 2007
    Quote:1 you shouldnt have any problems putting the pullets togather.put them togather at nite itll cut down on the fights if their are any.get your brooder ready for your chicks.youll butcher them at 6 to 8 wks of age.when they get 4wks old youll want to keep feed in front of them 12hrs a day till you butcher them.
    if its warm you may want to free range them on grass so they can eat buggs.an move around.

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