Just ordered some mealworms!!!!!!! :D :D :D


6 Years
I just ordered some mealworms, and I'm super excited!! I got 500 for seven chickens (4 chicks, 3 hens) I have a couple questions, though:
1. What are the living conditions for mealworms? Dirt, or shavings, or a mixture of both?
2. What do they usually eat? I know that they can eat like, corn flakes and veggies, but anything else?
3. My parents DO NOT want a beetle infestation. How big of a tank should I keep 500 mealworms in?
4. Does anyone know how to freeze-dry them?
5. *Last question!* What should I do with my colony when it gets HUGE? Just keep moving them to bigger tanks???

Thanks so much!! --chickencrazy.


7 Years
Nov 14, 2012
ok crazy.. ; )
I'm with ya..
I just ordered 8000 - 2.5 wks ago. .and they are going to town..

I think any container.. with a lid.. and air vents.. would work. I have mine in turkey tin's right now..
will be transfering beetles to a place.. to crawl in news papers..

even probably kept in things with a slick side .. with news paper on top.. for in the house.
( preditors.. will find them out side i've heard.. so a more secure top will be needed..)

I went to the Feed store.. ( some where they sell grain.. (worth calling in yellow pages to find the large size)
for live stock. feed or a Mill They will have better pricing on a 50lb bag.
I chose Wheat bran.. after finding oats are harder to strain.

My worms like to crawl in an empty cerial box.. or paper towel tube..
and the beatles like to crawl on loosely folded news paper.

For housing some go to walmart and purchase.. and 3 tier bin. for 20$. its on rollers.. may be nice..

I would also consider just refridgerating them <vs freezing> in a used coffee can in the bottom of fridg. but check up on that..
There is a good thread on meal worms.. if you search the site.. you'll find it
under Forum Tab.. and search bar..
maybe this can get you there.

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