just over a week old...........


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and no idea what these two are. thanks for any help!


Please realize that this early it is a roll of the dice on what the gender will be.....but I'll give my predictions.

The first is a pullet, her little hed is very round. And the second has a cockeral look to him.

We can have fun guessing!!! And they are soooo cute!

The first one looks like my delawares did at that age (from what I can remember). I'm not sure about the second one, a side view might help.

You can see lots of pictures of lots of different breeds at www.feathersite.com .
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Opps...sorry, I have to agree, the first does look to be a Delaware. But the color in the pictures are yellow so I having a hard time telling if the second is reddish or buff. If it has a red tone to it I'd guess a light RIR. NOOOO....is that feathering on that foot? Not a RIR!! Whew...
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