Just purchased the "easy button" of chicken coops. Forgive me!


8 Years
Feb 18, 2011
We were going to build a coop, then we were going to have one built. However, we are yuppies just trying to get our hands dirty in our rural area. Okay, we've lived here seven years but honestly, it's taken this long to adapt. We've wanted chickens and we've finally taken the plunge. I did it! I purchased an Eglu. I know there are eyes rolling all over the midwest and in every "real" chicken owners backyards. However, I promise that if I love this chicken stuff I'll conform and build my next coop out of recycled green lumber. I promise! Here's what I bought.....

http://www.omlet.us/products_services/products_services.php?view=Eglu Go

I'm going to get three hens. If it's too small I'll give one away.
Enjoy your chickens!
Cuz that's what it's all about.
Congratulations! I think those are really sweet little starter coops. Enjoy your chickens!
No, no, no! Do what works best for you! I don't think you pressed the "easy button"! You are getting CHICKENS! That's awesome! Everybody has different wants and needs, and that's the good thing about having chickens - there are so many ways you can raise chickens. Way to go!!!
Eglu coops serve their purposes. As someone has said they're nice starter coops. Also as others have posted, the important thing is that now you are in the Chicken Keeping world with us. Some folks make do with pallet coops they built from scratch, some folks buy coop kits, some folks commission others to build their coops for them. Some folks, like me, do many of those variants!

There will be somebody who says, "Oh, you could save so much money if you get free or recycled wood" if you buy new lumber for your coop.

There will be somebody who says, "You could build that yourself for cheaper," if you commission a coop from someone who knows how to build one.

There will be somebody who says, "I wouldn't spend that money on something like that!" for any of a variety of reasons.

Who cares how you get into keeping chickens? Just know that your experiences will change as chicken math exerts its hold on you.
(It's like gravity - an inexorable force.)

Welcome! Post pictures! We wanna see!
No, you won't give one away; you'll get another coop! I was only going to get 3 or 4 chickens...HaHaHa...Ha..HaHaHa! They are adicting. I admit it, I'm an adict. I just bought 6 chicks at the feed store so I could put them with the 15 we just got out of the 'bator. You'll see. Just start planning your next coop now. You can always use your igloo for a broody with her babies!

Wish I had known about an "easy button"....Now I have wood for an 8x8 foot coop and only have 5 chickens

I'm sure it will be love at first sight for the both of you.... who wouldn't love cute lil' chickies
Its a great way to start! I couldn't find the size of the classic one or the new one (maybe I missed it) and am curious if you know? Honestly, I looked at them myself (the cube) as they seem slick and easy.

Just remember it may be "fox" proof but a raccoon can grab a chicken through any space bigger than 1/2' square so if the spaces in the run are bigger than that I would just be extra careful and put them in their hen house just before sunset and sometime after sunrise and that will help.
I had an eglu when I lived the suburbs!! There is nothing wrong with it! I am not one of those macho, you have to build it yourself or your are not a real chicken coop owner.
They are great and if you do love it the eglu hold really high resale value
! Have fun. They are also really easy to clean!

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