Just Receieved my rare egg layer assortment from Meyer Hatchery.....


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Mar 8, 2011
The problem is I am not sure what they are LOL! I am new to chickens and they state they are a random assortment. All look good, very active and eating, drinking, and pooping like champs. I would post a picture but can't yet due to being a new member. Any one have any experience with this assortment and what did you get?

2 dark brown round pretty much solid, 3 penguin like markings (black extends all along the back to the beak with cream belly) 2 brown speckled (maybe golden campine?), 2 gray and white, 2 possible welsummer, 2 cream to yellow with 2 black spots on head and 2 black lines on back, and one obvious turkin.

Thanks for your help
It's a little difficult to guess without pictures, but post a few more times and then you can put your pictures up so we can all see them!
Congrats on your new little ones and
You need to go to uploads and browse for the pic you want. If the pics are large, you will need to reduce their size before attempting to upload them.
After they are uploaded, you just copy and paste the url created below the pic in the upload program. It's easy
hope this helps.

Lol! I see you figured it out before I finished this post. Good job!
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