Just received dirty icky small eggs from ebay - can an experienced seller give me your opinion?


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Jun 11, 2008
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Hi Folks,
I've purchased eggs on ebay before and always received what I bid on, eggs, not washed, some larger than others, all packed pretty well. Only one issue: asked for Buff birds (seller said to specify white or buff) I hatched all white birds. Not that big a deal. I didn't even bother contacting the seller.

This year I won an auction on March 30th (Sunday) I paid through paypal immediately. The seller lists several breeds on ebay. I got the eggs today. 4/11/14

I received the eggs today and I am pretty disappointed. I payed for 10, got two extras, one was broken which is all good.

Out of 11 three are tiny pullet sized eggs. I mean they are really small for pullet eggs. I don't believe a standard size chicken can develop in such tiny eggs.

Second, all but two of the eggs are filthy. I don't just mean not washed I mean really really icky. They look like the egg I found by the duck waterer, after the ducks had stomped it in the mud for day. Only the dirt coating on these eggs doesn't look like mud. :)

And this last part might be me looking for more bad things, but all the eggs are marked 22, I wonder if they were gathered March 22nd. OK, I know, I don't know the sellers codes but still...

Now I don't know what I'm going to do with these eggs. I'm scared to put them in with the absolutely pristine turkey eggs that arrived yesterday. Even if I wash these I'm scared they will contaminate the turkeys.

So my question to you experienced with ebay - especially sellers - am I expecting too much? Should I contact the seller and see if he will send more eggs, or do I just chalk this up to experience and let it go?
I can't comment on eggs as thankfully I have only ran into good people. Thankfully I haven't ran into any bad folks on ebay yet but did have to research a bit for a friend that did.A few things I learned. The prior correspondence between buyer and seller is reviewed if a case is opened. So pretty well open communication with the seller works in the buyer's favor as they made a legitimate attempt to resolve the issue. Something else I learned is ebay takes the side of the buyer in virtually every case that is opened. It doesn't matter if the seller posts no returns or puts other stipulations on the sell. In a lot of cases the buyer's reason for being unhappy can truly be ludicrous and yet they are rewarded the ruling. So you can get your money back one way or the other most likely. I definitely wouldn't want the correct eggs back if they utilize practices that led to them being that filthy. No telling what you would be introducing to your flock.
Good luck.
Yesterday I also received some that were dirtier then the normal dirty. However I took a slightly damp paper towel to it. I use to have anti bacterial wipes that I would use but I think the kids have used them all up. However that wasn't what ticked me off so much as the fact that the seller had packed the eggs in shredded newspaper and some sort of pink shredded paper, well 1 tiny egg had broken and the egg was all over all the rest of them and that paper was like the hardest stuff to get off those eggs. They had packed me 2 packs of 6 eggs, and that one 6 pack was just the hardest thing to get cleaned off.

For those of you that ship eggs please don't do that. Put each egg in a coffee filter then into a plastic sandwich bag and place in the carton if it needs more packing around the tiny eggs then add the shredded paper in the bottom and sides but that is to much problem, just with shredded paper around the eggs. Now I have 4 eggs with pink on them and newspaper ink all over them. Shredded paper is fine for packing around the eggs, but only if the eggs have something to protect them from the paper.

If I were you I would try to clean them up a bit, add them to the bator, but I would contact the seller and tell them about the issue. Tell them you would like to buy again, but wont where eggs are so dirty. They will catch on.
Isnt anyone gonna say anything about leaving a negative feedback about this seller? Isnt that what the feedback is about?
I was just curious ive looked at IDK how many egg sellers feedbacks and have yet to see anyone with a negative feedback. I was beganing to wonder if no one ever had a bad experience or if people just dont care aboit the feedback section.
I think its important to leave one if you had problems it may save the next person from having to go through what you are.

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