Just Set 18 eggs due on the 17th of june


9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
hi everyone i just set 18 eggs 6 silkie and 12 americauna which are lavender split. i am still waiting on one more package of eggs hope they arrive tomorrow they have been sitting an a sorting facility for 2 days now only 2 hrs away and they have not brought them to me yet
but i was not going to let the ones i have go to waste waiting on the last package of eggs i just hope they arrive tomorrow so they are only 1 day behind the others. I would love some hatching buddies. oh also i just got through hatching out 11 fuzzy butts almost a week ago and here i am doing it again i believe my DH is starting to get a little upset expecially since the coop is like 4 to 6 weeks away before being done.

almost forgot i put a double yolker in that is a barnyard mix just to see if it will develop my daughter and hubby begged me to he said if you are hatching all these other chicks you can at least try this egg out
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I have 25 Game chicken eggs due on the 15th. This is my my first time hatching and I feel pretty useless right now. I got two chicks from the feed store to take up all of my time not spent staring through the window on the bator watching the temp.
I'm hopeless.
Look here my journey through the 21 days began today too. I set 12 Maran and 15 EE. The eggs are from BYC mebers. And it's my first time. I'm already a nervous wreck
I just set 7 red golden pheasant eggs today and will set 6 silkies tomorrow. All are shipped eggs so we will see what I get.

i am still watching the temp to make sure that it stays where it needs to. the incubator has been set up for a few days but once you put the eggs in the temp drops so i am making sure it goes up and if not adjust it. this is my third time incubating the 1st time i used my own eggs the second time and this time i am using BYC members eggs i just hatched out 11 chicks a week ago.
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