Just set 23 Delaware's!! Anyone else setting eggs today??


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Dec 19, 2009
Southwest TN
I just set 23 more little future fluff butts. Just wondering if anyone else was crazy too
If so whatcha got and how many?
SHHHH!! I have a Friday hatch coming too, but just don't tell DH
He thinks they're ALL for someone else
Well....SOME are
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Ahuh! The last thing i need is more chickens, but we set 12 Javas and 4 Silkies tonight! I tell myself that im just 'testing' the fertility of the Silkies because both the hen and roo are young and just getting started. And the Javas are some that my husband brought home from a friend.
I set a dozen Del eggs last night too! So far I am having really good results with the test eggs that I set on the 27th. The new batch is the first batch that I know for sure are 100% Del eggs. The other batches had "other" hens in the Del pen so we may have Del and 1/2 Dels hatching.

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