just set 4 pea eggs and 4 more tomarrow any one with me?

I have a peahen that has been on eggs for three days, she will hopefully hatch with you!
I am too, getting 6 eggs tomorrow in the mail! I hope.
This will be my first try on peafowl. I have been reading the peafowl topics here for over a month, so I am going to jump in now and join this thread!
Got a trusty 4 year old Buff Orpington/Americauna broody hen to do the job of incubating the peafowl eggs! Can't wait!
Set 6 pea eggs sunday, and 5 duck eggs sunday...heres hoping for a good hatch for all of us! After 0/14 hatching (2 pips that stopped, 5 others formed but stopped) of turkey eggs..I am crossing my fingers for at least a little bit of a hatch!
I'll set the one's I have tomorrow. I have 3 now and there may be another in the morning. None of the ladies was doing the egg dance though so probably not. I have 5 in the bater now. 3 of them I think have babies but I can't see anything in the other 2. DH promises to pick up a better flashlight sometime this week. Gonna let the ladies hatch the rest themselves.
I have some coming in the mail, shipped out Monday... I can't wait! I'm putting them under a broody hen.
Ethel started setting Sunday and have three of her eggs under a Silkie that should hatch soon. She's setting on 6. So we,ll see what happens.


Nankin Banties,Silkies,Ethel and Pete (peafowl) guineas.Chicks hatching in the incubator Chicks in the brooder chicks every where.Sassy,Bubba and Mollie the pound dog( protector of the poultry) she's on duty every night.
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