Just set some fun eggs!


10 Years
Sep 27, 2009
Morrow, AR
Boy am I in trouble~LOL I bought my husband a present, a dozen Denizli Longcrower eggs
I also bought a dozen Crested Indian Runner Duck eggs from the same seller. I had 0 development on the only other shipped eggs I've purchased, but these came Fed-Ex Express and were packed BEAUTIFULLY, so I have hope for them. I've been on a buying time out for a few months while waiting to finish my NPIP certification, so It's time to buy some fun eggs from other NPIP breeders.

My husband thought the Denizli video was hilarious. I hope they do develop and hatch. The runner ducks are intended as garden weeder ducks and I know they'll be fun to have
Here's a you tube link to a Denizli rooster

We are also hatching most, if not all, of our own breeds once or twice a week

Last weekend

I can't get youtube at work, but if that is the same longcrower video i saw last week ... O. M. G....

Laughed my butt off ... but WOULD NOT OWN ONE ...

About the 5th time I played the video, DH took our his handgun and pointed it at the computer ..
He said "Hell no .. THAT bird would DIE"

Heavenly days. I think I would have been tempted to chop his head off before the end of the first crow! I never heard of this breed. I'll bet not too many people want them!

(Lest you guys think I am too violent--I wouldn't have chopped his head off. I would just have been tempted.)


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