Just sharing my chicken passion...


May 8, 2017
I'm new to this site. 3 years ago I discovered my love of these sweet animals. All 7 of our girls were a great addition to our family, Red, Tweety, Peep, Shiny Black-Black, Gertie, Birdie and Oreo. They were amazing, came to me when I called for them, waited outside the door at dinner time (they knew it was treat time), but they were all killed by a fox. It left me with a heavy heart but this year we have 6 new babies, Google, Pikachu, Elsa, Peanut, Thunderbolt, Water (my kids helped name them.) I'm happy to find a place that loves these babies like I do
Welcome to BYC,

I wish you all the luck in the world on your new flock. The kids seem to love them as they sit there so still holding the chicks. I bet its the quietest or stillest they have been in ages. The kids picked out some great names to.
Thank you so much, actually the kiddos aren't that calm but they seem to know their kids, they seem calmer with them. Some of the chicks are a little more unsettled though, Peanut (Americauna) is the smallest and noisiest, I wish I could make her feel safe.

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