Just Sitten Here....


10 Years
Nov 16, 2009
Ulster County NY
I am incubating my first set of chickens eggs
Lockdown was last nite & right now
as an anxious new Hen is staring at my eggs thinking any minute one will hatch

Well of course nothing is happening but if I stare hard enough my eyes play tricks on me
that one looks like it is breathing & oh wait...did it move
no not yet...
I started a few years ago with three lil Bantoms now look at me staring at eggs just thinking
this is it...Ugh! I think I need to check in to a chicken addictIon therapy place
do the have them yet ???
Went through this same thing last week-peering into the incubator with a flashlight until you just KNOW you see something! Hope they start hatching soon for you.
Omg my lockdown was sunday and I am going nutssss so I know the feeling. We have a new rule in the house anytime anyone gets up they have to go check the bator to see if we have a pip or any movement,,a cheep,,tweerp,,,tweet,,anythinggggggg lol. I got nuttin so far.

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