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Hi guys...my name is Ryan...I'm a stay-at-home Dad, and a homeschooler to one of my two children...we live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, out in the sticks, right on Mill Creek.
We have wanted to raise hens for eggs for some time, and just brought home our first chicks...we were set on 4 White Leghorns, but there were 5 left, so the 5th, now named Left-Over, came home with us as well! lol (Millie, for Mill Creek, Purdy, Nugget, and Maggie are the others)...
Anyhow...I just wanted to introduce myself...this site and app have been a great resource!!! I'm currently working on plans for our coop...we have very little money to spend, so I have to find or reclaim most all of the materials...if anyone else has been in this same situation and has any advice or tips, feel free to chime-in...


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Well first off welcome to BYC
and well i have been in your position too. I would like to start off saying that inspect the wood first. I found cheep wood once and it was rotted two months into the project. I would say that you want to make sure it is built correct too and make sure you can walk in it. Being able to walk inside is easier when you go to clean it and make sure that you have more room than you think is good. The more room the better because you will end up getting more trust me they grow on you FAST!


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Thank you for the response! Living in the country, trying to make ends meet, you learn to do most things on your own, and building a coop won't be any different...I do plan to make it large as possible, not only for my convenience, as I'm disabled, but we do plan to have a larger flock in the future. I want them to have plenty of room to move around outdoors as well, and that area has to be enclosed as well since we have a large population of bald eagles and red-tailed hawks here on Mill Creek!
Anyhow...thanks again for the welcome, and the advice! Take care...


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My Coop

Welcome to BYC!

Congrats on the new chicks! Love the names you gave them. You can also check your local craigsist for old materials or even coops for sale. Lots of pallet coops here on our coops pages. Kelsie has left you with the link to those pages.

Good luck with your new babies! Welcome to our flock!

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