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May 6, 2015
Hello All,
I am just starting to plan for have a small backyard flock. I started with the site just looking at the great chicken coop designs and then discovered all the other resources for raising backyard chickens. I am in the planning stage right now and this summer plan on building my coop and starting my flock. At this point, I only plan on getting about 4 or 5 chickens. I have room/property for a large flock but from what I have read, once I go about 5 chickens in MD I need to register my flock. Right now, I don't want to get that involved. This summer, my work schedule changes to 4/10s so I will have my Fridays off to hopefully build my coop. I have horses and two barns with scrap lumber and boards from a variety of projects that I hope to turn into a coop. I am planning on saving money on the wood to devote more money to amenities of electricity, security, and windows/ventilation for the coop. Thanks to everyone for all the great articles and coop designs already on the site. I look forward to gaining more information before I get started.

Glad you joined us!

If you have any questions, just ask!

Hi, Rob, welcome to BYC! So glad you have decided to join in the fun. Good luck on the build - being able to repurpose stuff you already have can be such a cost saver
Thanks All,
I will be reading as much as I can from the forum which looks like it has tons of information. I am sure I will have questions. I think I might try and contribute pictures to the coop page when I start to build. Others have put so many great pictures and designs, I thought I should try to contribute as well.

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