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  1. So my broody hen hatched out 3 chicks. They grew old enough to sex. There turned out to be 2 males and one female. The males are Scribble and Pip. The female is Puff. Today they are all about 6 months old. Anyway, this story goes to Puff. Puff grew up with 2 brothers, and I begin to notice that she was different than the other hens. Unlike the other hens she has absolutely no fear of roosters. (some hens are scared of them due to not wanting to be mounted). She was kinder to other roosters. I had a rooster who fought with the other boys, so he was in a chicken coop. The coop walls were made of wire, and Puff would spend all day talking to him. No other hens ever talked to him. I noticed Puff is much more tough and brave than the other hens. Sometimes, I have to use a broom to herd my chickens into their coops at night. She has no fear of that broom. Onetime she actually bit the broom. Ever once in a while, when I go to pick her up she knows that I am going to put her back in the coop for the night, and unlike the other hens she bites me (though she lets go of my skin way sooner than roosters do). Bumblebee is the rooster Puff spends her day talking to through the coop wall. Well, I celebrate my chickens birthday, on their actual birthday of course. So on Bumblebee and his siblings birthday I gave Bumblebee bread to celebrate. The bread was ripped into little pieces so he could eat it easily. Puff was outside, and Bumblebee felt bad that Puff didn't get any. (Puff could had gotten some because I gave bread to her entire flock, but she remained outside of Bumblebee's coop). Bumblebee picked up a piece of bread, and handed it to Puff through the coop wire. It was so sweet. Well, I just thought it is interesting how different Puff's behavior is from the other hens after growing up with 2 brothers. She just has such a rooster-like behavior. And after you see these pictures you will learn why the little cutie's name is Puff:



    And if anyone is interested in seeing pictures of Bumblebee and her brothers..

    This is Bumblebee:

    This is Scribble (one of Puff's brothers):

    This is Pip (Puff's other brother):

    Thanks for reading!
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    What a cute story!! Chickens can become very fond on each other. I have seen it in my flock as well. And hens can become quite brave, although usually in flocks without roosters.

    Puff is a very pretty girl! Thanks for sharing. [​IMG]
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    Sounds like she is really sweet! That is interesting!

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