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Jun 30, 2022
Hello BYC folk!
My fiancée and I have recently become literal chicken tenders and so far what a ride it has been. We’re still trying to find the perfect home to rent that will accommodate our flock but as of right now, everyone is happy where they are. We currently have 4 chickens (no recent pictures) and 5 ducks that we love dearly.
Chickens :
  • Lilac (lavender orpington)
  • Nugget (random bantam)
  • Rubber Ducky (buff orpington)
  • Banana (buff orpington)
Ducks :
  • Quackers (rouen)
  • Cheese (rouen)
  • Binx (cayuga)
  • Hubert “Huey” (indian runner)
  • Pip (unsure of what he is please help)
We had 6 other chickens, but then one was super lethargic, not standing, heavily breathing, and started convulsing and died right in front of us and we panicked because we were traumatized and gave the other 5 to another chicken tending friend we’d met.

Just wanted to say hello and introduce us to the group. Can’t wait to share our stories with you and learn from what all of you wise chicken gurus know 🐓🦆



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