Just wanted to show off my new little buttons.

Discussion in 'Quail' started by peewee, Jan 23, 2011.

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    My feed store knew that I was looking for a button girl to replace an old hen that passed away about a month ago. They called me about a week ago telling me that someone dropped off three buttons and to come see if they had a girl. I am not really into buttons as much as some of you but my little male kept crying for a snuggle buddy and I knew that I had to get another one for him. Well I came home with all three of them.[​IMG] The one that I think is a little girl is the tux. She unfortunately doesn't have any feathers on her back but since being here for a week they have started growing in. One little guy was limping badly and really could not get to the food and water that they had in his pen so he was really kind of skinny. I had him isolated in a very small pen were he could easily reach his food and water and after a week he is still limping slightly but is doing better and is gaining weight. He still has a little more to go but I figured that I would try to reintegrate him with the others and have not had any problems with any fighting. The third was in great health but I did not want to leave him all by himself. He was the only one that I paid for. The owner of the feed store calls me every once in awhile when someone drops off a bird that is in bad condition because he knows that I will take them.

    My three new little ones. The one that limps is the one on the right.

    My roo "Twerp" (center) enjoying having some company. I tried to integrate Twerp into another pen but they kept trying to beat the everloving snot out of him. So he has been alone ever since my older hen passed away.He is so laid back and submissive.

    My homely little roo Twerp. He was also a rescue. Twerp had absolutely no feathers on his head, neck and back. Both eyes were swollen and bloody and he was one big walking scab. Really thought I would have to put him down. But he was so sweet and willing to let me clean him up and medicate him and everyday he seemed to get just a little better that I just could not do it. Now he is a happy little boy that will even let me pet him if I have been good and brought him enough treats and paid him the homage he thinks he deserves.
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    Adorable! I like the two pieds around the tuxedo pied [​IMG] Buttons are sure adorable.

    ETA: Even the pied males have red vents or pink pinks...just take a peek [​IMG]
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    Cute.. But I think you have compounded your problem. Now you need 2 more females?

    Now is this quail math or Button math>
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    Tuxes are hard to tell, it looks like the top of the head is blue? Is it? If so, that ones a boy too. They are all blue faces, so the boys will have blue heads while the girls are just brown.
    Does the one on the right in the pics have a blue head? The first pic kinda looks like it does but the second pic doesn't.

    I'm not too familiar with pieds, but I was under the impression that double factor blue faces have white 'bibs'? Idk though, I give up on colors [​IMG]

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