Just what does everyone keep???

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by nicole63021, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. nicole63021

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    Chickens are just the newest addition to the animal lineup here, and though we want sheep, goats, horses, and llamas or alpacas one day, we already have quite a menagerie. 2 Australian Shepherds, 1 African Pygmy Hedgehog, 60+ pythons (of several varieties), 30+ crested geckos, and of course chickens :). Would also love to have monitor lizards in the future, but just need more space!
  2. That's not fair.
    If you have that many pythons, you have to show pics.
    Otherwise it's not fair.
    Gosh, doesn't anyone read the rules?!
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  3. nicole63021

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    What kind do you want to see pics of? Right now I keep coastal carpet pythons, ball pythons and a green tree female.
  4. jak2002003

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    Oct 24, 2009
    I have...........

    24 Japanese Bantams
    10 Fancy pigeons
    4 Ring Neck Doves
    2 Zebra Doves
    6 Zebra Finches
    5 Lady Gouldain Finches

    1 Chinese Softshell Turtle
    5 Golden Thread Turtles

    6 Goldfish
    1 Fighting Fish

    2 small mix breed dogs.

    I am 2 animals down because my old Cat died and my Ball Python escaped!
  5. Jak, what type of pigeons?
    We have 2 homers and 2 ferals.
    Chickens, ducks, geese dogs and cats.

    And any photos you have, I love snakes but unless the chickens become too much of an expense and we have to sell them, no snakes ):
  6. nicole63021

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    Just a few....Have to get updated photos of many, and some won't load on here due to image size :(.





    Morgan(normal) and Houdini(albino) breeding last year

    Again, these are just a few, all but Amber are Ball Pythons of some morph or another, Amber is one of my coastal carpet pythons (a jaguar morph). I love my scaly kids, and I do breed to sell as a hobby.
  7. Oh they are so pretty :love
    The carpet python is so pretty! I love that snake morph (right?). I held a snake morph once at petco, got bit, LOL (warning bite, still cool though)
    Oh I love scalies!
  8. nicole63021

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    I get bit pretty frequently, but it doesn't really hurt, well, not compared to dogs or cats, lol. I'm a pet groomer/stylist by profession, so the snakes are easy!
  9. I meant spider morph.. Not snake... :hmm lol

    Cool. What type of morphs do crested geckos have?
  10. nicole63021

    nicole63021 Songster

    The carpet is a Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia Spilota McDowelli), she happens to be a color/pattern mutation referred to as a "Jaguar". We also have 1 normal, 1 tri-stripe sibling (my oldest), 1 tiger, and 1 red tiger of the same specie. The ball pythons are all Python Regius and the Green Tree Python is Morelia Viridis (formerly Chondropython Viridis)......Forgot to mention we also have a Dumeril's Boa, he's a newer addition and will be replacing the pythons we have been using for education, since breeding pythons is a very major hobby.

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