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    Jun 28, 2008
    We have four New Hampshires that were given to us in late June. We were told they were hatched in April (but it could have been May). Every day since the beginning of September I had been faithfully checking for eggs, but no luck. Bribery, threats, and discussions of conditions at KFC and Pollo Loco did not work, either. I actually gave up about two weeks ago, now that the daylight is less, there is no electricity (hence no light) in the coop, and the weather here has been crazy (one day 70, the next 38).I figured I would have to wait until Spring. I just keep buying eggs at the grocery store and enduring the dirty looks of my husband at the expense and failure of my poultry project. I had even stopped looking for an egg; it was too disappointing.

    Today I went out to rake the coop (deep litter method). There are seven hens in total. none with the ability and / or need to lay an egg. Of course, they were all around, begging for treats. (they have, in fact, taken to following me back to the back slider door of the house and pecking on the glass to beg for better treats.) I gave them a banana, and , just for a laugh, decided to check to laying area for an egg. I expected to find only the two lonely golf balls that have been there for months, but there it was ...... a slightly smallish brown egg !

    Perhaps this was just a teaser, but let's keep our fingers crossed !

    Now to figure out which one it is .............
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    Mar 12, 2008
    YAY!!!! [​IMG] That is SO exciting!!!! You had to be just thrilled!!!! [​IMG] I always squeal like an idiot when I find a first egg!!! The hens look at me like I'm a nut!!!! lol
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    [​IMG] LOL I thought my mom played a trick on me when I found the first egg.
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