Just when I think it's done, he keeps on building!!! Pic HEAVY!

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    Apr 29, 2008
    South Carolina
    I think I must have the best DH in the world. I thought he was all done with the girls coop. Looked kinda sad but it was warm dry and pretty much predator proof. He did a A+ job on the run and it is what he calls Fort Knox for chickens in regards to wire and cement foundations. I now am calling it the Chick Hilton. It needed a coat of paint to make it look better but he drives truck so he is gone alot. Well he was home for 5 days and I could not believe all the work he did to the coop! He knows that I have 6 more fuzzy butts coming next Weds. so he got busy and made a baby area away from the big girls so they can see the babies but not get to them. He also put up shelves so when the need arises for nest boxes he has the spot. When the babies get old enough to move in with the big girls he will take down the wire and open it up so they will have a 12 x 10 coop to play in. Then he told me that he is going to build a 12x 8 run off the side of the coop so the girls will have 2 runs to play in. They already have a 10 x 10 run on what was the front of the coop. Then he decided that he thought he was going to build a 12 x 10 shed on the back of the coop to hold his "stuff" and when I came home from work on Sunday he told me that he has decided he will just put up a garage and then he will give me the entire building!!!! That will be a 24 x 10 coop and he will just make a run on the side that will be 24 x 10 so the girls will have room, along with the one out front now. He also added a door on the new front with an awning and light. So when I decide to order more fuzzy's we will chicken wire off the addition and put the big girls in there and keep the original 12 x 10 coop for the babies and they will have the old run untill they are all at an age that they can mingle!!!!!! Is he not the best DH , feeding my continous need for fuzzy's.

    The new front door and front of the coop

    The temporary baby area-

    looking through the baby area to the big girls-

    this is the freshly painted back and this is where the new 24x 10 run will be put. the open cluttered spot at the end is where the new 12 x 10 addition will be . Is that not a huge gonna be coop? Crazy!!

    This shows where the addition will be. We are also going to put in a window or two in the front for them for air circulation plus it will have a window out the back since it stays shaded most of the day at the end. I am excited!!!

    Just one more this is the girls view----
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    Wow~~You are really Fortunate! That is a very nice "Chick Hilton!" An Awning, too!!!! How truly wonderful for you and all your little chicks. [​IMG]:jumpy:jumpy
  3. Dixiedoodle

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    Apr 14, 2007
    Wow aren't you a lucky girl!! I hope you 'paid' him well. [​IMG] Thanks for sharing ..it's beautiful..Dixie
  4. pvc coop

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    Apr 12, 2008
    I like it. They look very safe and HAPPY!
  5. dixygirl

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    May 14, 2008
    You are lucky. If mine picks up a rake he wants to argue about it like a savage for 12 hours afterwards.
  6. pullet2hen

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    May 7, 2008
    Lucky girl!! It is going to be HUGE! Good for you.

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