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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Quackwacky, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Sep 24, 2011
    I started this incubation with the plan of only trying to save one little stray egg I found in the yard and my mallard hens wouldn't have anything to do with. So I built a home made incubator thinking if it doesn't work at least I gave it a shot. I am sad to report that egg#1 did not make it, but my hens did make a nest and all of them (I think) are sharing it and no one feels like sitting on it yet. So I started dating the eggs. When the count got up to 15 in under a week I removed 5 of the older ones, put them in my home made bator and crossed my fingers. Today I found out the thermometer I have been using has not at all been accurate on the humidity and slightly accurate on the temp after I broke down and bought a real incubator since they are still laying and still no one ready to sit on them, I needed more space to prepare for more eggs.
    So when I sat down to candle those 5 (day 4), I was delightfully surprised to see blood vessels and tiny little hearts (I think) fluttering in the middle of 4 of them. I am so excited I am beside myself!!! My contraption worked! I still moved them over to the little giant bator so there would be more stability for them.
    This is my very first attempt so I haven't been sure what to do except for what I have read on the Internet. Mom was right, a little studying does pay off! keeping my fingers crossed.
    Planning on adding more tomorrow and I'm going to get another incubator set up for "lock down" because they will have different hatch dates, but I still have time for that. Any suggestions for a first time mother duck stand in? Any advice would be appreciated!
    I am now a quack addict & a hatch-o-holic!!
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    Dont know a thing about ducks, but think it's great that you got off on a good start with your home-made incubator!
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Planning to have a second incubator for hatching shows you must have done a bit of reading so far to realise that the difference in humidity and need for turning can mean having a second incubator is very handy.

    Isnt it incredible seeing those first few signs of life!!! I love candling the eggs and seeing the little embryo swimming around.

    As for advise..learn to be patient. As time goes on- and especially during those last few days- you are going to need to be very patient, and not get too nervous about the eggs.

    For turning it can be helpful to mark the eggs so you know where abouts to roll them to each time.

    Humidity is increased by surface area of the water- not just the amount of water in the incubator.

    Watch the size of the aircells to judge how they are going. By the time the ducklings are due to hatch- it should take up around 1/3 of the egg.

    And lastly.. ( even thought there are so many other things I could write about incubating duck eggs. - )

    HAPPY HATCHING and Good Luck.

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    Apr 28, 2011
    I tryed to hatch 6 khaki campbell duck eggs and it went horribly! Nice to know your doing good! Happy hatching!
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    Sep 24, 2011
    Quote:Yes, have done a ton of research, but it seems the more you look the more you get confused. Believe it or not there aren't any resources (other then Internet) to help with domesticated water fowl and I live in Arkansas where it seems half the population duck hunts. The game and fish wasn't any help at all! The biologist there actually told me that my ducks must think they are chickens to be laying eggs in the fall, can you believe that?!?
    I do have them marked for turning and they are dated from being in the nest. I know the humidity level for each stage, but I read about the wet bulb should read 86 degrees. Is that an exact science?
    What day should I give up hope on a egg? Some say 5, some 7, & others 10 days?
    What likely hood is there that the ones that are developing will make it all the way?
    And finally, what do I do with the ducklings after they hatch since it will be late fall, it will be REALLY chilly here at night and the moms wont know they are moms. I don't want to just put them out in the enclosure with the adults and my hubby said no way on keeping them inside.

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