Just wondering any Military


11 Years
Dec 11, 2010
Is there any military or retired military out here in BYC land? My husband did 22 1/2 yrs in the Army. Just wondering.
Me. DH was in Civil Air Patrol as a kid, then ROTC in high school, then 5 years in the Air National Guard, then went active duty Air Force after we married and served 20 more years. We live on only his AF retirement monthly, which was the whole point of staying in, even though the gov't reneged on the "free medical for life" promise. Still, our insurance is currently not too bad, as long as we can find a doc who'll take it--and there aren't many around where I live.
I spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy and retired as a Commander and my husband also spent 20 years in the Navy. We are happy to finally be settled down and not have to move again.
yay. I just figured I would take a survey and see how many are on here. Thank you for your service.
My husband didn't retire from the military but he is a disabled vet and the money he gets from the VA is our main income. Thank goodness for the health care as well or we wouldn't have health coverage.
Just wrapping up 6 in the Army NG in June. Taking some time off to finish getting my Nursing Degree and will prob reup into a medic or something. No more Infantry for me!!
My father is retired military (Army) as well as 2 brothers served,one was Marine and other one Navy.Brother inlaw Army,nephew Army,niece army and son Army.

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