Justine Dead : any suggestions?


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Aug 23, 2012
Little to go on but perhaps something stands out to someone?

Type & Age : RIR approx. 10mths old. good weight
Found dead yesterday afternoo
No signs symptoms or problems, was laying regularly.
No marks injuries, broken bones or blood, only thing that seems odd was her vent was darker than usual, and looked almost rounded in shape, so other tissue visible, also dark pink...no blood, not even like a prolapse, as not sticking out... Also comb & Wattles deep purple/ pink presume due to no oxygen after death ?
Have young teen roosters that fight over the girls...could they have killed her?
Food / Drink : Layers pellets at will, water at will, fully free range, some scratch grain.
Poop I think was fine, not mess on her back feathers at all.
Unfortunately I was too distressed at the time so didn't think to take photo or to cut open to make sure nothing odd before disposing of body!
Housing, wooden night time coop with saw dust bedding, with electric fencing for predators.Also fence was on yesterday as we have had problems with monkeys pinching eggs, and food...could this be issue, as some have been zapped by fence, but shouldn't be lethal surely ?

4 roosters needed to be harvested but DH postponed as said I would not eat them as I named them, so now I have found someone to collect one today, hopefully another one tomorrow & last two to leave on Friday ! Some of them are extremely rough with my ladies, grabbing them on the head and won't let go even if they try get away!!

Any input would be appreciated.

An electric fence should not have been lethal to a chicken unless she got caught up in it somehow, but since you didn't find her wrapped in the fence, I am guessing that is not her COD. My first inclination is to say a reproductive issue since that seems to be the only abnormality you saw was around her vent. That is often the COD on new layers that suddenly keel over. She could also have had an underlying heart condition. Heart issues are also not uncommon. The last potential could be that she spooked and flew into a wall or fence and damaged herself internally. A head injury, neck injury or lacerated liver are the usual injuries sustained by this kind of incident.

I am sorry for your loss.
Thanx for your input. DH reckons the roosters probably kicked her in the head while fighting with each other over her.

She was very submissive so wouldn't have moved out the way. Poor Girl ! RIP Justine...

What a week, had to cull one of my Boschvelders this morning, internal laying . Did the Spa treatment TLC rest etc, but this morning I knew when I looked at her, she couldn't anymore. Stopped eating, breathing difficult, wasn't looking good at all. RIP Noir ...

Beautiful Noir in the front...
Sorry for your losses. The problems do seem to rear their heads at the same time. I have dealt with internal layers. That is a tough one. I still feel bad about having to put down my sweetest hen for it. I knew I was doing the best thing for her, but it still left me feeling like a jerk.

Noir was beautiful.

Good luck.

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