Juvenile Brideled tern. Help!!


Aug 7, 2018
Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands)
Hello everyone,
First of all i would like to apologize. I know this website isnt about wild birds in any way but i figured all of you bird loving people could definitely help me.

I found this gorgeous bridled tern two days ago. She looks to be a few months old. She was in the sea, and she swam towards me when i tried to pick her up. She was extremely thin and weak, with a poor balance... but didn’t seem to have any obvious injuries. She could move each wing, her feet, ect. (With a bit of difficulty obviously, as she was weak but nothing suggested pain or injury)
I am keeping her in a protected area where it’s warm, but with free flowing air. She’s staying in a cardboard box with chicken nesting material (softer than straw, a bit like the texture of hay), with a lid + towel on top to make it completely dark.


i gave her water, sugary water, fish (swai) and some crushed shrimp, but she is still getting worse. She was eating quite well by herself but now it’s hard to get her to open her beak at all. I force fed her a little bit. I know it’s not supposed to be done, especially on a bird like this, but she needed to get something in her stomach.
Now, she’s so weak she can’t even stand on her feet. I don’t know what to do anymore. What could cause something like that? She should get better, with the food and the rest. Am i doing something wrong?


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