Keep chickens out of a certain area


8 Years
Feb 21, 2011
Is it possible??

For some reason my chickens want to get inside my house... They all gather around the steps in my garage and poop all over the place. Any way to teach them or prevent them from invading my garage? I shoo them out every time I see them in there but they always come back...

I have one hen (my oldest and dearest hen, Daisy), anyhow, she will always come into the garage if the big door is open. So I keep that shut, and if you have a man door on your garage, you might need to put on a screen door if you don't already have one.

The only answer is keeping the doors shut. You can shoo shoo shoo them, but they will always come back, especially if they see you go in and out......
Well my garage is actually more like a is all open, no doors. I just dont get why they like it in there. It is concrete and there are no bugs or anything. Seems like they would have more fun outside.

Didnt know if there was some kind of home made chicken repellent or something I could spray in there.
I suspect they like the cool floor and the shade, and the breeze as well, if it is breezy in there. It is already quite hot for them in Georgia. Mine have been panting and holding their wings a little away from their bodies for a month or two now. Chickens tolerate cold weather much better than hot. I don't see any way to stop them other than creating an even cooler spot for them. Good luck with that!
There's nothing I've found except to keep them penned up! Like someone already mentioned it's the coolness of the concrete. Mine loved to get on my porch and just laze about. You either deal with all the poop or keep them in the run!!
and if it's covered, it's like an artificial tree. Chickens like being under cover. Whether it's bushes or trees or covered porch areas... lol I use bird netting to keep my chickens out of the areas I don't want them... but that area is my garden and one flower bed for me...
The vinyl chicken net or screen around the sides would be cheap and could help. You would have to, of course, build a gate/door for you and your vehicle/ stuff. Do they have a good shady spot outside?
Yes they have many shady spots. The whole yard is pretty much covered in shade from oak trees. They like to hide in the bushes too. There is plenty of cover for them outside but they really love to sit on the steps like the want to come inside...
I put plastic fencing up to keep them off my driveway,and away from the house. I find them under the bushes and trampoline. I put cold water all over.Even filled a round sled with water in case any of them want to bathe.

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